One summer day while I was enjoying a wonderful meal with my family an incredible heat wave came over me.  I asked everyone did someone turn on the heat, to which every replied no.  I instantly grabbed a menu and began fanning myself.  Someone jokingly asked me “are you having a hot flash” to which I replied “absolutely no”, but I am having a personal summer.  Then I told them “hey “Don’t Hate, Because I’m Hot” and that when the idea of “Fans By Ang’ came into existence.

I figured, this is a natural part of life and there are over 40 million women who are fortunate enough to have their personal summers, but we should have them in style and not just grab a menu or whatever piece of paper that is within reach.

Fans By Ang is design to give the young and the mature an opportunity to show themselves Classy and Fashionable and of course Cool.  The following designs are compliments of “Fans By Ang” and my partnership with an incredible designer from “Fancy Hand Fans”.

Enjoy the browsing of these fun and beautiful Hand Fans and be sure to buy some for yourself and that special person in your life like your mother, sister or just a great friend!!

Enjoy and remember!  “I’m Too Hot, To Hate!!”

Fans By Ang